Online Course Prep School

Turn what you know into a profitable online course!

  • Define your profitable program idea
  • Map out your sell-able offer
  • Jumpstart your waitlist

... in just 5 days!


5 days. 5 live training sessions. One giant step closer to launching your course.

DAY 1: The idea

Learn about The Mentor Model and how to turn what you know into a profitable course idea, even if you don’t consider yourself an “expert”.

Learn how to do market research and uncover the best course idea to launch in your niche.

DAY 2: The students

Identify exactly who your ideal student is, how to find them, and turn them into leads.

No audience yet? No problem. I'll be sharing my Audience From Scratch Strategy to get your first 200 subscribers.

DAY 3: The curriculum

Sketch out your entire course curriculum using the Course Map Method.

Know exactly how to create the modules and lessons your program will need to get students results.

We'll do this all in one afternoon - bring sticky notes!

DAY 4: The marketing magic

Learn exactly what your course needs to include in order to sell like hotcakes.

Truth? It has nothing to do with a giant following, and has everything to do with how you position your course in the marketplace.

DAY 5: The waitlist

Prep a waitlist (don't worry - no fancy tech required!) so leads can start signing up to learn more about your course.

You'll also learn about the Founding Launch strategy so you can validate your idea and get paying students into your program before you've created it!

Not your average "5-day challenge"

Zero fluff. All action.

APRIL 26-30, 2021.


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Meet your host.

Hey! I'm Gemma Bonham-Carter and I’m known as the go-to-gal who turns creative entrepreneurs into highly successful course creators (check out what my students have said here).

After launching my first course in 2016, I never looked back. I turned it into the business I run today that has allowed me to quit my 9-5 job, earn more than I thought possible, have the flexibility to be at home with my kids, and never have to save up my “vacation days” to go on a trip again.

You don’t need to work 80-hour weeks or be a social media star to have amazing success with online courses. 

Sign up for Prep School and I'll show you exactly how to kick off this exciting new part of your business.

April 26-30, 2021